Starting a business (as three 20 something women)

Starting a business (as three 20 something women)


Starting a business is wild.

It's exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding, punishing and amazing – all at the same time. 

And I didn't even start it. Ella did. 

It was her idea, her baby, her determination that gave birth to MERRI Intimates. Born out of frustration. Irritation. If you've ever had thrush or a UTI, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say you're supposed to wear cotton pants. Our doctors, gynaecologists, mums, friends, tell us as some point along the line. For infections like those, cotton is a god send. It's breathable, natural and can help prevent or soothe common infections. But make your way to the underwear aisle of any big supermarket (not naming any names...) and it's hard to get excited by any of the cotton pants on offer. 

They're boring. Frumpy. Plain. 

And just like that, the idea for MERRI Intimates was conceived. 

Then, Ella got Amelia involved (I call her sexy spreadsheet lady). She's whip smart, hardworking and heads up our finance department. This is of course a joke, as there is no department. Just lots of spreadsheets.

And then finally, was me. 

So let's get into the nitty gritty. What's it like running a business for the first time as three women? All with day jobs? To all those out there considering doing it, or just wondering what it's like, I've tried to distill it down here for you:

1. Most of the time you are making it up


2. It's liberating

If you're in your 20s, chances are you've spent most of your career with someone above you (pipe down, Zuckerburg). Telling you what to do, wha

3. Your team is everything 

4. A dedicated space is invaluable 

5. People are amazing 

You have moments where you think... "" and then someone buys some pants and it all goes again. 

6. Statistics are scary 

7. Sometimes people saying annoying stuff

men telling you about the product, friends saying things. Ignore them, you're fabulous, next! 


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